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A Healthy Staff-A Smart Business Investment

Health care primarily in the form of preventative care is key to a successful and productive workforce.  Most visits to the doctor stem from stress related issues.   Absent employees cost the company money and missing staff decrease productivity.  Finding ways to increase wellness in the work environment makes for a more enjoyable work experience and assists your bottom line by having a healthy, productive and happy team.


Placing the health care needs of your staff in the forefront of your company policy reminds your staff that you see them as people who are an important part of your team.

Learning stress management tools through the

HPH program (Health, Productivity, and Happiness) not only empowers your employees to take better care of their physical and mental well-being, it creates staff loyalty and an increase commitment to the vision of your company.

Providing a workplace where staff can't wait to get to their job is the ideal workplace.


Fewer sick days by the staff means more work hours towards your company's goals and objectives. 

Our program comes to you.  That means simple stress reduction session as the desk, workshops that assist with job overload and tension aw well as energy boosting methods to keep employees recharged and motivated.

Employees learn to take challenging situations and turn them into exciting oppotunities which inspires and brings in more business.


How can moments of relaxation increase productivity?  A solid question with a simple answer.  Allowing moments in the day where staff can regroup and revitalize. 

Studies have shown that in as little as 20 minutes the body can bounce back with a moment of respite.  A brief walk can recharge and allow the mind clarity for more creative thinking to occur. 

Taking action to address moments of fatigue is useful in helping to keep anxiety low and energy high and productivity at an optimum.

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