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Stress Busters and Tension Reducers

Programs that are specially designed with the health and well-being of your employees in mind.   Creating a work atmosphere that is supportive of staff by reducing tension and providing simple and effective tools to reduce stress is

a smart business investment.  Here are some of the features that RelaxInc provide to enhance wellness at your office.

Chair Sessions

Our team of highly trained professional practitioners can help to ease stress and bring balance to your staff.   Schooled in the Japanese art of relaxation, this light touch therapy is calming and peaceful.  Tension will melt away. In as little as 20 minutes your employee is recharged and ready to resume the task at hand with new energy and vitality.

This convenient and simple way to reduce stress comes to you.  Our team will travel to your office, special event, conference, business expo or even to a Hollywood studio.   We are dedicated to getting your employees back on their feet and ready for the next project. 

All practictioners are insured and received extensive training in the Usui System of Natural Health Program.



Movement, mindfulness, and breaks throughout the day will incease productivity and make life at the firm more pleasurable for your employees.

Stretching, deep breathing, guided imagery, and understanding pressure points in the body are some of the techniques that are incorporated in a workshop or seminar that is designed with the particular needs of your staff in mind.

Lucia Galante Johnson has facilitated workshops,  taught classes and provided seminars on the art of relaxation for over 10 years.  Her venue has been from a conference room setting to a peaceful wilderness retreat location.   She is skilled and understanding the needs of her audience and providing a step by step lesson plan that is fun, educational, and easy to follow. 

Simple Techniques


Simple yet effective methods are incorporated in your wellness program to help increase success in your employees use of stress reduction procedures.   Tips are provided on how to manage anxiety, decrease employee conflicts, and ease feeling of overwhelment and boost energy.   Learning to stay calm and focused admist management demands and company deadlines will raise morale and increase productivity. 

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