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The Relax Corp

Lucia Galante Johnson
Owner of the Relax Corp
Stress Management Specialist
Human Dynamics Coach

A motivational speaker and expert on stress management techniques and relaxation methods for the corporate environment and medical industry.  Author of the Health, Productivity and Happiness - HPH Program, Lucia provides workshops, individual sessions, and group strategies that enable the corporate team to stay well and productivity.

A former Legislative Aide to members of Congress and a sales/marketing director with a Fortune 500 company, Lucia understands the corporate culture and what each business needs to create a positive and productive work force.  Degreed from the University of San Diego in International Relations and Professional certification from UCLA in Media Relations, Lucia supports her viewpoint on the need for efficient and simply methods of managing stress for the corporate culture. 

She is active on the speaking circuit promoting the benefits of stress management to local organizations, the medical community, and Corporate America.



Our team of hightly skilled professionals work in partnership with your staff to provide top quality service and stress relief through light touch therapy.  Each practitioner has years of training and experience in addition to serving the community at health care workshops, medical center seminars,  cancer support programs, business expos, chamber of commerce networkers, and local wellness events.

Dedicated to helping your staff be well, balanced, and productive.  Our team focus is to provide healthy, happy staff that enjoy their work culture and work towards the success of your company.

Chair treatments are provided at the desk of each staff member in a respectful and calm atmosphere with corporate courtesy and confidentiality.  Understanding the needs of staff is our mission.

Individual and groups sessions available.  We provide special events and monthly services with the tools you need towards a healthy work force.

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