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​We provide customized programs designed to meet the unique needs of your staff by supporting preventative health care techniques that allow simple and effective ways to reduce stress at work and create a positive working environment where health, productivity, and happiness become the cornerstone of your corporate culture.  In addition, we facilitate dialogues on issues of diversity and inclusion, corporate dynamics, and mediate workplace disputes. 


Personalized for your company, RelaxInc works in partnership with your current health care programs providing workshops, sessons, and classes on preventative care.  Using simple and effective techniques that can reduce stress in less than 20 minutes.  Keeping your staff well and inspired towards your company success is our mission.


We take a step by step approacht to create a strategy that is unique to the intricate needs of your staff and your work policy.  By taking a closer look at the stressers in each department and for each individual we can formulate a plan that will work well for each division and individual.  Helping your staff stay healthy and productive is key to a welcoming work place.


A happy work team is a healthy work team which leads to a dedicated and productive work unit.  Understanding your work dynamics and what inspires staff enriches the work place.  Sharing an interest in the health and well-being of your employees provides an opportunity for a collaboration between the staff and management in order to work as a unit and ensure a thriving company.

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